Why Do We Need Inclusive Wealth?

Our world is in crisis, and inclusive wealth can be an important step to understanding and resolving them.

Mankind is in crisis

In the effort to generate wealth and well-being for the Earth’s 7 billion human inhabitants, we have inadvertently created global crises. They involve every nation, and have the potential to affect every human life.

Social Crisis

On the whole, mankind is richer (perhaps use different language: “more well-off”, “more capable of surviving”, “more well-to-do”) than ever before, yet humans still aren’t capable of spreading this evenly across society.


Economic Crisis

Society has come to rely on money to create secure and comfortable lives for its people, but the currencies that we depend on are crumbling beneath our feet.

Environmental Crisis

In the mean time, humans are degrading the ecosystems and natural resources on which our lives truly depend. Without a change here, mankind will have little to no chance of survival.


Inclusive wealth can help


Society is in desperate need of a change. Chasing after the wrong ideals has led us to the crises we are currently experiencing. The inclusive wealth index can act as a reset button for our priorities. An inclusive approach to calculating wealth opens the spectrum of how we measure success, and reflects our common desire for health and well-being across generations.