Chief, Ecosystem Services Economics Unit
Division of Environment Programme Implementation
United Nations Environment Programme

Dr Pushpam Kumar is Chief, Ecosystem Services Economics Unit, Division of Environment Programme Implementation, UNEP. He has been engaged in international scientific assessment efforts on biodiversity and ecosystems and climate change. Dr Kumar was Co-coordinating Lead Author and Co-coordinator, Responses Working Group for Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and Lead Author for the Fourth Assessment of the IPCC (Mitigation). He was also the Scientific Co-coordinator of the Conceptual Framework for the TEEB. His research has been on designing market based response options for management of biodiversity, economics of ecosystem services, ecosystem accounting, and linkages of poverty and environment. Dr Kumar has numerous publications in peer reviewed journals of international repute.  He has authored, coauthored, edited and co- edited more than ten books including Values, Payments and Institutions for Ecosystem Management (Co-Ed, Edward Elgar), Valuation of Regulating Services of Ecosystems: Methodology and Applications (Rutledge), Valuing Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity: Ecological and Economic Foundations. (Earthscan)Biodiversity, Land-Use Change and Human Well Being: A Case Study of Sundarbans(Oxford University Press), Payment for Ecosystem Services and Valuation (OUP), Ecology and Human Well Being (Sage) , Ecosystem and Human Well Being: Findings from the Response Policies Working Group (Island Press).

Currently , Pushpam Kumar leads GEF supported “Mainstreaming of ecosystem services into development policies (project known as ‘Proecoserv’), Coordinates “Inclusive Wealth Report”, “Valuation of Options” under Econmics of Land Degradation (ELD) Partnership and Co Chairs the Policy and Technical Expert Committee (PTEC) of the World Bank led Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES).