Advisory Committee


Again, the report is being developed with an engaged team of high-level researchers.

Report Director
Prof. Anantha Duraippah

As report director, Prof. Duraiappah oversees all aspects of the report. He brings together conceptual ideas, institutions and people to guide the report’s implementation.

Science Director
Dr. Pablo Muñoz

Dr. Muñoz is responsible for the calculations and computations that go into creating the index. He has developed the inclusive wealth accounting system and its corresponding empirical measures, and continued to evolve the platform for the 2014 report

Project Assistant
Elorm Darkey

Elorm Darkey supports the implementation and further development of the inclusive wealth accounting systems.

Research Officer
Cecilia Fernandes

Cecilia Fernandes supports  further developments of the inclusive wealth account system and provides data analysis. Her focus is on Econometrics.

Team Leader for Human Capital
Barbara Fraumeni

Team Leader for Natural Capital
Haripriya Gundimeda

Team Leader for Policy Analysis
TBA Soon



The inclusive wealth team has been lucky to benefit from the support of a large group of interns, each contributing their expertise to the creation of the report. Thanks go to… for their support.