Professor of Environmental Economics
Arizona State University

Dr. Charles Perrings is a Professor of Environmental Economics at Arizona State University, where he directs the Ecoservices Group—a research (and research training) group that focuses on ecosystem services.  Previous appointments include Professor of Environmental Economics and Environmental Management at the University of York; Professor of Economics at the University of California, Riverside; and Director of the Biodiversity Program of the Beijer Institute, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, where he is a Fellow.   He was the founding editor of the Cambridge University Press journal, Environment and Development Economics, and he remains on the editorial board of this and several other journals inenvironmental, resource and ecological economics, and in conservation ecology. He is Past President of the International Society for Ecological Economics, a society formed to bring together the insights of the ecological and economic sciences to aid understanding and management of environmental problem, and has published 12 books and edited volumes and around 150 scientific papers in this field.