2012 Findings

The pilot report in the series, the Inclusive Wealth Report 2012 provides a comprehensive metric for measuring human development. Overall, it brings to the table a more holistic approach to economic development than is currently practiced

Key Findings


Finding 1

70 percent of the countries assessed in the Inclusive Wealth Report 2012 present a positive Inclusive Wealth Index (IWI) per capita, indicating sustainable development. More...

Finding 2

High population growth caused 25 percent of countries assessed to become unsustainable. More...

Finding 3

19 out of the 20 countries assessed experienced a decline in natural capital. More...

Finding 4

Human capital has increased in every country, being the primary capital form that offsets the decline in natural capital in most economies. More...

Finding 5

25 percent of the countries assessed, which showed a positive trend when measured by GDP per capita and the HDI, were found to have a negative IWI. More...


Findings by Country

Australia  |  Brazil  |  Canada  |  Chile China  |  Colombia  |  Ecuador  |  France  |  Germany  |  India  |  Japan  |  Kenya  |  Nigeria  |  Norway  |  Russia  |  Saudi Arabia  |  South Africa  |  United Kingdom  |  United States  |  Venezuela

Key Messages by Chapter

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